OnPlanetZu Announces Release of New Album “Adventures of Yo Mama” to Huge Anticipation

Cross genre electronic dance music band OnPlanetZu recently announced the launch of their latest album “Adventures of Yo Mama” to quick critical praise. Combining elements of dub step, hip hop, reggae and high energy electronica OnPlanetZu's spirit and energy are infectious and all signs are pointing towards this as being very likely to be their breakthrough release.

January 20, 2015

Don't make any mistake, OnPlanetZu are doing something special. A product of the massive creative ability of singer, songwriter and producer, Zu Tha Greatone and the production and DJ abilities of Cori “Fader” Jacobs, the unconventional electronic dance band has been steadily building interest around their project to a fever pitch. Recently, after a great deal of anticipation, the high energy band announced the release of their new album “Adventures of Yo Mama.” Early feedback to their unique sound has been tremendous. Mixing hip hop, dubstep, reggae, and electronic music with a punk rock spirit, OnPlanetZu is smashing boundaries and drawing together music fans from all across the spectrum.

“I'm originally a hip hop head. What drew me to dubstep was the beats,” commented Zu Tha Greatone. “I wanted to take the beats and intensify the dance, not water it down, because I wanted to keep the people dancing and energized. My main trick is to not do the same thing over and over, I like to keep my music unpredictable and hype. To catch people off guard so they don't get bored with the rhythm or the songs.”

“Adventures of Yo Mama” is certainly going to have a good reach. The album is being distributed by SkeeLo Musik through Sony RED and already has 2 video tracks announced that are set to be released on MTV, VH1 and BET as well as placed in retail stores across America.

OnPlanetZu have just posted a fresh video "Fyah For You" on YouTube. The song is a remix of a track from their album and features reggae artist, Jahgun Jahgun. OnPlanetZu have already proved themselves masters of the video medium. Their previous single, “Speakers” hit over 110,000 views in just under a month, winning consistent praise for its creativity and humor.

Picking up two amazing sponsors, Rudeboy Asia and Zutra Water, has also helped OnPlanetZu do their thing, and confirm their cross cultural appeal.

With early feedback for the new album being entirely positive, it's clear the sky is the limit for OnPlanetZu and “Adventures of Yo Mama.”

For more information be sure to visit http://www.onplanetzu.com.

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